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Economic Inclusion for the Bottom Billion

with Data-Driven Technology

Mission and Vision

Data Empowerment for the Bottom Billion through producing decentralized solutions to fight poverty, build financial inclusion, and advance sustainable development

Connecting Social Finance with Social Development through building decentralized data-driven solutions to bring together social development projects with social capital markets to scale and maximize social impact

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The Shanzhai City Way

We provide services that work directly with communities and workers on the frontlines, where data literacy is oftentimes low and high barriers to digital infrastructure access. 


Building technology for last-mile users in developing regions have unique challenges that we have learned to overcome with our tried and true methodology:



Working directly with real communities to discover their problems, co-creating solutions, and testing 


Build Capacity

Helping to build knowledge, methodologies, workflows, and data literacy, for better adoption and adaptation to tech solutions



Building technology solutions at scale to empower grassroots participation, consensus, data self-sovereignty, and privacy protection


Inclusive Technology Ecosystems for Social Development

& Development Finance

Through our combined methodologies of conducting socio-economic research, financial innovation, and next-generation technology development, the Shanzhai City initiatives promote technology-enabled financial inclusion strategies to build economic development and social empowerment for the Bottom Billion.

Our platforms develop institutional and enterprise-level blockchain solutions for development finance, impact measurement, fair-trade practices, sustainable rural development, and community-based finance. 

Impact Data

Consortium Chain

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