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A think tank for the advancement of social development and social finance innovation

Areas of Research

Our practice-based research focuses on how ubiquitous technologies can create systems to facilitate sustainable development and innovative capital outlay, spanning influencing factors such as financial inclusion, data literacy, and community participation. 

We conduct research towards the development of open-source products and services as well as for creating holistic data-driven strategies for clients that seek to improve quality of life on our planet.  

Data Rights & Ethics

  • Identity & Data Self-Sovereignty Rights

  • Bridging the Data Divide

  • Public-Private Participatory Planning


Impact Intelligence

  • Data Literacy & Beneficiary Engagement

  • Multi-Stakeholder Consensus & Data Collaboration

  • Trust & Data Integrity, Incentives & Behavioral Change

Economic Inclusion

  • Progressive KYC & Digital Creditability

  • Rural & Cooperative Finance

  • Decentralized Marketplace



White Papers, Feasibility Studies, Field Notes...

Knowledge to create change should not remain an academic endeavor.  We believe in sharing our findings as we dig deeper into problems and solutions on the ground, learning directly from listening to communities and co-creating with stakeholders.  

Towards Chinese Blended Social Finance
SDG Impact Investment Report on Tourism Development
Grameen Bank Micro Loans Feasibility Study for Hong Kong
System Library of Impact Management
China Green Foundation Happy Homeland & E-Tree Program Whitepaper
AI + IA: A methodological discussion of building a data-empowered platform
The Human Algorithm in Field Data
China Rural Development Metrics
Programming Developing Finance for Crowd Participation: Crowd-Validation, Crowd-Metrics and Scaling
Impact Data Management: Progressive KYC Promoting data self-sovereignty and bridging the social and
Eliminating Information Bottlenecks Contributing to Child Mortality in Brazil
IDCC Impact Data Consortium Chain
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