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Shanzhai City Covid-19 Crisis Response Initiative

Sourcing PPE

& Ventilators Worldwide

We are building a trusted​ supply chain to move PPE and ventilators from donors to beneficiaries 

Join us to supply medical equipment to those in dire need.  


Fixing the COVID-19

Crisis Response

Supply Chain

The Covid-19 crisis response supply chain is broken due to exploitation of information asymmetry across market actors. 

Help support us to fix it with blockchain


Shanzhai City is joining the fight against COVID-19, launching a crisis-response initiative to help the flow of medical equipment needed to prevent infection and treat the infected.  To do this, we are both helping to source equipment by working directly with governments, donors and recipient organizations, as well as building a blockchain solution to allow suppliers and buyers to provide sensitive information to each other with trust that has otherwise become an insurmountable barrier in this crisis-driven market.  


We humbly request for your support in our effort to fight COVID-19 by contacting us to learn how you can help in either or both of our two efforts:  medical equipment procurement and crisis response supply chain blockchain

Sourcing PPE & Ventilators


As a trusted social development agency in Asia, Shanzhai City has since been asked by international government and philanthropic procurement efforts to help source reputable and authentic medical equipment manufactured in factories worldwide, for export to countries in need.  

​Working with Good Karma Ventures on international logistics, we have established an international pipeline to connect donors and buyers with certified and fully-vetted factories to bring ventilators, face masks, and other PPE worldwide. 

If you are involved in this relief effort anywhere around the world, please contact us to learn how we can further help your efforts and how you can help ours - to bring medical equipment to those who need it most.  

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Crisis Response

Blockchain Initiative


Problem:  Pannick-Market

= Broken Supply Chain

The Covid19 global pandemic has caused an unprecedented breakdown in supply chain around the world – most critically impeding medical supplies to reach those in need, and worse,  providing lucrative incentive for actors to exploit information asymmetry between supply and demand, depleting trust, bringing the market to a grinding halt.

Meanwhile, infected patients are desperately waiting for ventilators to save their lives – not knowing that they’re actually waiting for trust barriers to be overcome between buyers and sellers.  This can, and must be overcome, with trust-enabling mechanisms – of which blockchain is a ready-to-go medium.

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How we

fix it


Solution:  Crisis Response

Procurement Deal Room

By laser targeting the biggest trust problem between buyers and sellers, our platform helps sellers to request and gain access to proof-of-funds (PoF) from buyers, and likewise, for buyers to request and gain access to proof-of-product (PoP) from sellers, which are only revealed when both parties put down their mutually-required proprietary information on the table; the conditions of which are managed by blockchain in a virtual Deal Room.


Each party’s information will be encrypted and stored on the blockchain, and will only be decrypted when information from both sides are verified by mutually appointed third parties.


To learn more please download our lite-paper, or to support our effort please make a donation to help us quickly build this product, or if you are just interested in using our product, please sign up on waitlist and you will be notified when it is released.

About our Crisis Response Initiative

& Industry Partners

The COVID-19 pandemic is the starting point for launching our Crisis Response Initiative, so that we can leverage our learnings from years of working on the frontlines of social development and development finance projects, and be able to quickly respond to the current rapidly changing emergencies as well as into the future.  We are proud to answer the call to build solutions and technologies to help meet this urgently critical demand.  

To build the Deal Room and other future COVID-19 response tools, Shanzhai City is working with social development solutions companies and Good Karma Ventures to fix the broken supply chain using the ixo blockchain protocol - the internet of impact - to build a more resilient crisis response effort to help expedite the procurement of life-saving medical supplies. 

We are in need of experts in coding, crisis response, supply chain, and procurement, and invite you to join our cause in whatever way you can, whether from adding your insights as an industry expert, or if you can provide donations so that we get this product into the hands of medical professionals to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

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